GDeFi Pool

Stake your ADA safely and support a good cause!

Earn 5% to 5.5% APY by staking your ADA.

You get the maximum possible rewards.

Delegate to GDeFi to support our charitable efforts.

All donations are from the pool owner’s rewards.

0% variable fee!

Top quality staking services for our delegates through Green and Renewable Energy with 24/7 uptime.

Operated by IT professionals, big fans of decentralization and Cardano.

Staking ADA is safe

Staking ADA on the Cardano blockchain is much safer than other networks. Here are a few reason’s why:

  • No slashing.
    • In Proof of Stake blockchains (POS) nodes/pools secure the network and validate transactions by staking. Staking serves a similar function to mining. It’s the process by which a network participant gets selected to add the latest block to the blockchain and earn crypto as a reward.
    • Slashing is a mechanism to ensure that validators are behaving properly. Slashing means that a predefined percentage of a validator’s tokens are lost when it does not behave consistently or as expected on the network. Examples of misbehavior are downtime and double signing.
    • There is no slashing in Cardano as it ensures security differently!
  • No lockup period.
    • Apart from slashing risk, another reason that prevents people from staking is the lack of accessibility of their cryptos. Most POS blockchains lock your funds for a certain period before you can unstake.
    • In Cardano there is no lockup period!
    • That means your funds are available for whatever you might need them immediately!
  • Your keys your crypto!
    • Your ADA never leaves your wallet! You control your private keys and thus your funds!

10% of our own rewards go to charity!

We donate to:

Through kiva we support entrepreneurs who can’t access the financial services they need!

455$ donated so far!

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